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Welcome to ADT Basingstoke

Whether you would like to take a CBT in Basingstoke to ride a 125 or a moped, or perhaps you are more interested in completing your direct access test to ride a bigger bike. ADT Motorcycle Training can help you achieve your goal.

Since 1994, our qualified and professional team have taught some 35,000 riders. Our dedication to motorcycle training over the years has ensured that all our customers have been taught to the highest of standards. Since their introduction we have been teaching CBT and direct access at our centres throughout Hampshire. Our team are up-to-date with all the latest information regarding motorcycle license laws and testing. Contact us today for more information

"Our success is built on a foundation of total dedication and enthusiasm for both motorcycles and motorcycling alike"
(Richard Atkinson, Managing Director)

For CBT in Basingstoke and other Motorcycle Training in Basingstoke you've come to the right place.

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Basingstoke CBT


Just completed my first cbt today and had a absolute wonderful day i was a bit shakey to begin with but my instructor...

Posted by Mark Megahey on Saturday, 4 July 2015